B. MacKeigan 

“Gotta tell you, I LOVE my place. I’m pretty grateful that I met you and you helped me with this move. Just had to tell you. Thank you. 🤗🤗🤗”

Maria Wilde 

“You are a woman of action! You have a PROVEN sales records. You help fight crime (like superwoman…). You volunteer with women in need. You are current and relevant and out there in the field of real estate….. and approachable. Especially, an awesome friend. Keep it up!!!! Hugs”.

Joe Higgins 

“I have worked with a lot of Realtors, both residential and commercial, over many years. Louise takes customer service to an entirely different level. I was very impressed with her diligence, integrity, and professionalism. She gets the job done.

Ruby Brar 

“… You are awesome and the best realtor I ever met in my life. Your relationship goals are amazing. You build such an amazing bond with your clients and work and help them like a family. Lova yaa 😊”

Denise B. 

“It is 6 am when a new listing pops up. This home is in a prime location. It would tick ALL of your “dream” boxes, AND, it is at your price point! But it’s already past 9 am when you awaken. You check your iPhone, and groan. There is already action on this new listing! Out of luck?

Not if your realtor is Louise Levesque. That 6:10 am action is from Louise, and is on your behalf!

Louise Levesque wears not only high heels, but a “Super Realtor Cape”. She loves her work, and it shows. At all hours, she is ready for action.

Every “t” will be crossed, every “i” dotted in the perplexing world of 2018 new provincial Real Estate laws and rules. “It’s not like it used to be”, even quite recently.

But if Louise Levesque is your realtor, nothing will be missed. Check her ratings at Royal LePage!

J. Udala 

Thank you sooo much for the time, effort, diligence and I could go on and on. You really are an exceptional realtor, thank you. We will be in touch for future properties maybe sooner than later XO.

F. Phillips 

“You’re an Awesome real estate agent and an even better human being. It was a blessing to meet you. You’re just fantastic! I couldn’t have been happier and better taken are of. I’m super glad I met you! Thanks again Louise – you’re the BEST!”

Victoria Herbert 

Louise is such a wonderful person and realtor, she is warm, smart, professional, and full of integrity. We couldn’t be happier!

Sarah Williams 

Louise was very professional & got us exactly what we wanted for price! The sale happened quickly & she was able to negotiate the timeline we needed to move out & find something new! We were happy with our experience & would highly recommend her!

Crystal Bruce 

We recently bought our home with Louise, and despite the really tough and frustrating market, she was able to help us find something that really worked for us. She was always incredibly prompt and courteous, and fantastically honest! Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for property in the Okanagan!